Suspension Work (Including Lifts & Levels)

We do all kinds of suspension work, from ball joints to overload springs.

We also sell and install lift and leveling kits.  Get more information on our lifts and levels page and check out some lifts we have installed recently here.

2 thoughts on “Suspension Work (Including Lifts & Levels)

    1. Hey Jake, thanks for reaching out. It is a possibility. We can do them, but we don’t do them much anymore. With all the replacement parts and intensive amount of labor, it gets quite expensive (for this job you’d likely be looking at $10,000 or more). There are quite a few different options you have for various parts of the build, so the price can vary significantly depending on what you want. If you are seriously interested, you will need to come by or call so we can discuss it more in detail.


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